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The midwives at Valley Women's Healthcare Clinic offer women throughout the Seattle area supportive obstetric and gynecological care, focusing on their unique physical, social and emotional needs. VMC midwives are Certified Nurse-Midwives specially trained to provide comprehensive, safe and individualized care in a positive, supportive environment. It is our philosophy that each woman's physical and emotional needs are best met by this personalized approach.

We provide comprehensive gynecological care and oversee complex patient care when necessary. Our clinics offer in-house ultrasound, lab services, urology/gynecology and other providers including OB/GYN and nurse practitioners. Our consulting VMC physicians are board-certified or board-eligible OB/GYNs, available 24 hours a day for consultations or emergencies.

Valley Women's Healthcare Clinic offers three convenient locations: our Talbot Street office, across from the main hospital; our Time Square office, just a few blocks north of IKEA; and our Auburn office.  


Women often choose nurse-midwives because of the highly personalized level of care offered through all stages of pregnancy and birth. Valley's midwives offer individualized care, as well as access to state-of-the-art technology, including a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Valley Medical Center. When indicated, we do not hesitate to refer patients to specialists, or use ultrasound, amniocentesis and other technologies that are available to assist us throughout your pregnancy.

  • Preconception care
  • Prenatal care
  • Childbirth
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)
  • Postpartum care
  • Birth control
  • Annual physical exams


What Does a Midwife Do?

Prenatal Care

We are committed to quality prenatal care. Regular appointments with your midwife include generous time for questions, education and complete monitoring of your body's health and the baby's progress. Pregnancy and childbirth are healthy, normal experiences. With our guidance, we encourage you to actively participate in decision-making and be a responsible partner in your prenatal health care. We also recognize that having a baby is a family affair and welcome you to bring your husband, partner or older children to your appointments.

Birth and Delivery

Women receiving care from our midwives take great comfort in knowing that a nurse-midwife will support them from early labor through delivery. You deliver your baby in the safety and comfort of The Birth Center at Valley Medical Center. We provide beautiful private birthing suites equipped with a whirlpool tub, TV, free WiFi, stereo, refrigerator and a daybed for your support person.

If the delivery is a Caesarean, your nurse-midwife will assist the physician during surgery, as well as provide emotional support for you and your family. In the event of an emergency during labor or delivery, our nurse-midwives are well trained to handle the situation until an obstetrician arrives.

You are welcome to have your baby stay with you in your room and your partner is also welcome to stay. Valley Medical Center also employs lactation consultants to assist with breastfeeding, as needed. 

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Maternity Support Services (MSS)

As a patient of the Midwives Clinic, we help connect you with services and resources that help keep you and your baby healthy, including:

  • On-site Social Worker
  • On-site Registered Nurse
  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program: which provides nutritional support and healthy foods vouchers for pregnant women, infants, and children up to age 5*
  • Mental Health Services: to help you adjust to pregnancy and your new baby, strengthen relationships with family & friends, and talk through feelings about being stressed, sad or anxious
  • Education, Counseling and Treatment Programs: for drugs and alcohol
  • Pregnancy & Birth Education
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Moms' Support Groups
  • Interpreter Services
  • Referrals: for prenatal aquatics and other exercise programs, doulas and alternative childbirth education
* For patients with Medicaid and/or Healthy Options coverage through the State of Washington.

Women's Health

In addition to prenatal care and delivery, our clinic offers the following services:

  • Routine gynecological care, including annual exams
  • Family planning and contraception

Mission Statement & Values

Our mission is to provide expert care in a compassionate, culturally sensitive, holistic manner. Through education and teamwork, women are empowered and families are strengthened.

  • Trust: We strive to provide a warm, nurturing and safe environment
  • Respect: We treat each woman and her family with dignity, honoring her beliefs, values and community
  • Excellence: We draw on our specialized education and experiences to offer high quality, individualized care in a safe environment
  • Midwifery Tradition: Celebrate the experience of pregnancy and childbirth as a normal and healthy event


For New Patients


Moms Talk About the Midwives

We understand that when you've decided on a midwife to deliver your baby, you're looking for a very personal and supportive birth experience. This special bond is what inspires the midwives here at Valley Medical Center. 

Listen to what some of our patients say about their experience here:


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I love the Midwives at Valley. I had my first with an OB and that birth resulted in a C-section, for many reasons such as he was posterior, too big then he got stuck and finally his heart rate was going down. With the second pregnancy I decided to switch to a  midwife and found a whole group at Valley Midwives... I was shocked at how much care and attention I received.

I was hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section) and ... Hannah was just great, she was like a doula and a midwife in one! ... Hannah knew exactly what I needed, such as back support, or a different position. My baby was also posterior and as much as I did not want to move I was encouraged by Laura, Hannah and the nurses to move and sit on the birth ball, which resulted in the baby flipping and a great delivery.

I loved the atmosphere that the midwives created, letting me be in charge of my labor. I tore and Laura did a great job on the stitches, I barely felt anything.

I am very grateful for the birth that I had, the support from Hannah and Laura. I really felt comfortable, and with our future babies I defimitely am coming back.  

I couldn't agree more on the feeling that they are your friends. Seriously, my appointment with Amy was more like sitting down to chat with a friend over coffee. It was great to feel like they cared and I wasn't just a number.

 ...I love Love LOVE the midwives!

With my first I didn't go natural (30+ hours, epidural, and a not-so-great dr on call), but with this little man, I decided to try going natural -- no IV or anything (they told me if I wanted medication that I would have to get the IV).

I delivered with Amy Steers (she was my fav even though I really liked them all). ...She picked up on every cue I gave -- when I wanted to be left alone, she knew and wouldn't bother me. When I needed a back rub she was on it (and somehow knew not to touch me during contractions). ...I was also impressed that she remembered me making a comment on how I liked the pushing part better than the labor part, so when I felt like it was too much she had just the words to talk me through it.

...The whole atmoshpere of this delivery was different. First off, there was no large group of people in hazmat suits looking like they were about to do a moonwalk, just Amy, and the two nurses. It was calm and relaxed...With my daughter, ny husband was stressed out, but with my son he was a great help because it was way more relaxed and he could concentrate on me and what was going on. Looking back, I wish I knew about them with my first.

HIGHLY reccomend the midwives! Not sure that you can get better care elsewhere. 

I joke that I only had a third child because I missed seeing my midwives ... The tub was great and the two L&D nurses (Collette and Nancy) ... worked so well with Laura Denman and a student midwife, plus my doula and husband. I called them the Dream Team because they were all amazing, following my lead and together we did an incredible thing.

The aftercare was great, too...When the midwife on call came in, it was just like a visit from an old friend. We would chat, she would make sure I was recovering nicely, and then we would chat some more.

I'm done having babies but really miss seeing the midwives. I still go there for my yearly checkups ... they remember me by name, even though I'm one of countless faces they see each year, and give me a hug and stop to talk. The rest of the office staff is great, too - front desk, intake nurse, you name it, they're all warm and caring while still being professional.

I can also highly recommend Denise Stuart, the lactation consultant at Valley. She also teaches the prenatal breastfeeding classes and runs a weekly drop-in playgroup at the hospital, too. She is so fantastic as a resource for all things baby. I met a great group of people through the drop-in group when my oldest was born seven years ago and we still keep in touch.  And Denise came to see me in the hospital after my second and third babies were born, officially as the LC but mostly to catch up. We are also Facebook friends.  :)



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