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Valley Medical Center’s student program partners with technical schools, 2-year colleges, and universities to provide a meaningful education experience and establish a recruiting network for the organization. The program also strives to support departments throughout the VMC network in order to place students in coordinated standardized fashion that meets the needs of the student, the department, and the organization.


Valley Medical Center offers a variety of student educational experiences with schools that have entered into education affiliation agreements with the organization. We will work with schools to assist the student in gaining the hands-on experience needed to complete the education curriculum, while offering an enjoyable environment in which to learn.

The VMC Student Placement Process is as follows:

Students must contact their school, college or university’s placement coordinator if there is an interest in completing an externship/internship with Valley Medical Center. *Important note – If the student contacts Valley Medical Center directly, she/he will be directed to contact their school’s placement coordinator.

1. Clinical Placements are limited to MA externships and clinical rotations for nursing students, surgical technicians, respiratory therapy students, or unit secretary students. Schools interested in placing students at Valley Medical Center should contact the Clinical Training Coordinator at 425-228-3440 ext. 1661 or email

2. Non-clinical Placement is defined as a non-nursing role that includes outpatient support functions such as clerical, medical office assistant, pharmacy tech and radiology tech. Schools interested in placing students at Valley Medical Center should contact Ruth Marks, HR Assistant, at 425-228-3440 x3555.

3. The HR Assistant ensures the appropriate department receives the request and confirms with the school coordinator whether this is, or is not, a serviceable request. The school coordinator notifies the student.

4. Upon acceptance of a student placement the HR Assistant sends a Student Program Checklist to the school placement coordinator for completion.

5. Student(s) must attend a scheduled orientation session before starting an externship or internship.


Thank you for your interest in Valley Medical Center.