Apple Health Expansion for Immigrants:
You may be eligible to sign up for Apple Health Expansion insurance if you live in the state of Washington, even if you immigrated to the United States and/or are undocumented. Learn more.


Puede que usted sea elegible para inscribirse en Apple Health Expansion seguro médico si vive en el estado de Washington, incluso si usted inmigró a los Estados Unidos y/o es indocumentado. Aprende más.

COVID-19 Vaccine Public Advisory


Updated September 26, 2023

Lost your vaccine card? Click here to learn what to do                               

COVID-19 vaccines are widely available at pharmacies throughout the community, either by walk-in or appointment.

Find a vaccine location close to you.


COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption for Patients  

The COVID-19 vaccination is a safe and effective vaccination we encourage all our patients to receive. We provide medical exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine for severe or immediate allergic reactions to the vaccine or its components. In the case of severe or immediate allergic reactions to other vaccinations, we recommend seeing an allergist for confirmation of the allergic reaction and exemption from COVID-19 vaccination.  We do not provide medical exemptions for other medical conditions. We do not provide religious exemptions documentation. 

Update Your COVID-19 Vaccination Status With Your Provider

At this time, Valley is asking patients to update their COVID vaccination status with their Valley providers. You can do this by bringing your vaccination card or records to your next appointment or send them in a message to your care team. Sharing your vaccination status is recommended but not required. Depending on what areas of care you need in the future, some patients who are not fully vaccinated or whose records are not up to date may be required to take a COVID test.

COVID-19 Vaccination Information  

For the most current information about the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit the CDC, DOH, and King County COVID-19 vaccine webpages.