FMCSA DOT Examination Guide

FMSCA LogoThank you for scheduling your DOT examination with us! We look forward to seeing you and providing a stress free and successful visit. Please read the guidance provided below carefully to help eliminate any avoidable delays or expense to you that may occur if you don’t have the appropriate medical documentation.
If you have any health conditions, please take note of any guidance for specific conditions.

Prior to the day of the Examination: 

  1. Review the Health Conditions checklist for any chronic health conditions you may have. 
  2. This is very important especially if you have diabetes, heart disease, obstructive sleep apnea, a neurological condition or are on any medication that is a controlled substance such as hydrocodone or oxycodone. 
  3. If you are on any medication, either print the list out of your electronic medical record, or complete the CMV Driver Medication Form MCSA-5895 or write it down. The list must be readable and MUST include the name of the medication, the dose and how often you take the medicine.

On the day of the Examination:

  1. Avoid any caffeinated beverages and this includes coffee, most sodas and energy drinks. Caffeinated beverages can increase your blood pressure. 
  2. Take your regularly scheduled medications including blood pressure medications, if any. 
  3. Bring the following items: 
    1. Valid driver’s license and/or official photo ID. 
    2. List of medications mentioned above with the name of the prescribing provider. 
    3. If you have been prescribed glasses/contacts and/or a hearing aid, you must bring them. 
    4. If you have a chronic health condition, bring additional documentation that might be required based on the guidance provided by the links above. 
  4.  Complete section 1 of FMCSA form MCSA-5875. You can click on this link to download the form. 
    1. Please complete the form prior to arriving if possible. 
    2. You must complete the health history to the best of your knowledge. Please note that you must certify that your responses are complete and true. Making a false statement or concealing a medical condition may invalidate the exam and the certificate issued and may expose you to other penalties. 
  5. Plan to arrive early (15 minutes if you have completed the form or at least 30 minutes if you have not completed the form,). Don’t be late and don’t rush. Stress raises your blood pressure and we want to avoid that as much as possible.



+ Diabetes - not using insulin

+ Diabetes - using insulin

+ Diabetes - using insulin - state waiver

+ Hypertension

+ Obstructive Sleep Apnea

+ Coronary Heart Disease

+ Taking Controlled Substances

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