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On Oct. 19, 2022, Valley hosted a virtual fundraising event to raise money for our cancer services and future Cancer Center. “Harnessing Hope to Reignite Your Glow” was a night of inspirational stories from Valley patients and staff, with a focus on cultivating hope and resilience through strategies from our keynote speaker, Anne Browning, PhD, MA, Assistant Dean for Well-Being at University of Washington School of Medicine and founding Director of the UW Resilience Lab. At the same time, we celebrated Valley’s milestone 75th anniversary and the 12th anniversary of GLOW, Valley's health and wellness program designed by women, for women.

Thank you to all who joined us for the event and donated toward our Cancer Center. Every dollar matters as we work toward our $30 million goal for Phase One of building out that space. Our event had more than 100 participants and raised over $20,000.

We invite you to explore the videos below to experience some of the hope we shared. If you are moved or inspired, you can donate toward our Cancer Center at

Harnessing Hope, Part 1

It’s been an incredibly difficult few years for many of us. We’ve seen increased rates of depression, burnout, anxiety—for those working in healthcare or navigating a difficult diagnosis like cancer, those issues are magnified even more. We reached out to some of our staff and patients to find out how they’re harnessing hope.

Ria Despi's Breast Cancer Survivorship Story

Ria Despi became a part of Valley’s family in 2018, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She finds hope by sharing her story with thousands on her Instagram account, “ThisGirlisThriving.” We were grateful that she also sat down to share her story with us.

Harnessing Hope, Part 2

Celebrating milestones, like ringing the celebration bell at Valley’s Infusion Center, is one way we can help harness hope. Watch this video to hear more from Valley staff and patients on the ways they’re harnessing hope every day.

Cancer Center Sneak Peek

Valley has provided cancer care in South King County for decades. Our program has evolved to provide care at every corner of campus, which is not efficient and can be frustrating for patients already dealing with the impact of diagnosis, while also trying to navigate their care. There is space available for our Cancer Center in one of the medical office buildings on our campus in Renton and it is our vision to bring all of our cancer care together in one place, to make treatment convenient for our patients and provide a better space for collaboration and care. Watch this video for a closer look at our vision for the Cancer Center, with Liz Nolan, Valley’s Chief Communications Officer and Tina McDonough, the founder of Valley Girls & Guys.

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Harnessing Hope, Part 3

Watch as a final group of Valley staff and patients share their strategies for harnessing hope and wish Valley a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Harnessing Hope to Reignite Your Glow: Full Program

If you’d like to experience our event in its entirety, you can view the full video here. Since this was a paid fundraising event, we suggest making a donation of $15 to watch the replay and enjoy the presentation from our keynote speaker, Anne Browning. *Anne's presentation begins at 21:30.

Note: The interactive elements of Anne’s presentation are no longer in effect. You can make a donation toward Valley’s cancer services and future Cancer Center at Thank you for supporting Valley and helping us care for our community like family!

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