A Word From Our Leadership

Stroke. Heart Attack. Trauma. Emergent Illness. At Valley Medical Center, we truly hope these never happen to you or someone you love. However, statistics show such medical emergencies are common. In fact, chances are you or someone you care about has visited Valley Medical Center's Emergency Department. In 2009, our ER staff treated more than 70,000 patients. That figure doesn't just make us one of the largest emergency departments in the state of Washington, it places us among the busiest ERs on the entire West Coast!

Growth within our community means the need for medical services will only continue to climb. We've taken steps to ensure that Valley Medical Center is well poised to meet growing demand. We have continually expanded our clinic network to better serve patients close to home, and added neighborhood urgent care clinics that help residents contain costs by reducing unnecessary, expensive visits for emergency care. And, in January 2010, we opened our new Emergency Services South Tower, more than doubling capacity for emergency care.

Despite volume increases, Valley Medical Center continues to provide quality care, as evidenced by The Joint Commission's award of a three-year, full accreditation in 2008 for our commitment to meeting national and safety performance standards.

If you come to our emergency room, you have a better chance of surviving a stroke. Our stroke care puts VMC on the national map, earning The Joint Commission's prestigious Gold Seal of Approval.

If you live in Public Hospital District Number 1, you already count on having quality emergency care mere minutes from your home. We take your confidence and trust very seriously. In the spirit of that partnership we want to share our concerns.

The expense of providing emergency care 24/7 is great. Along with hospitals across the country, Valley Medical Center is being buffeted by economic pressures. These include escalating numbers of uninsured patients, an aging population whose needs are more costly, and dwindling payment from insurance companies and the government. Hospitals also shoulder responsibilities unparalleled in the past, such as response to national emergencies and disasters.

Are VMC's needs dire? Not yet. But today's demands outstrip our resources. While we can't say how long this will continue, we do pledge to keep you informed. At Valley Medical Center, remarkable things happen here every day and it is our goal to ensure that spirit of excellence continues for decades to come.

Rich Roodman, CEO, Valley Medical Center

Valley Values. The words come easily. But placing actions behind the sentiment takes hard work.

As your representatives we try to ensure there are concrete benefits beneath the hospital's good intentions. Refining and developing services is one way Valley honors this goal. Another is through community outreach. If you are a senior and you aren't already a GoldenCare member, take a moment to check out this valuable program that includes an annual health fair, flu shot clinics, insurance counseling, GoldenLiving magazine, discounts at The Fitness Center and much more.

VMC's Thrive newsletter is another way the hospital extends its expertise. Our new look, together with this redesigned website, is intended to help you quickly locate valuable, reliable healthcare information. Find a doctor, watch a video, request an appointment. We'll be adding many more features and functions in the months ahead.

As always, we are eager to hear what you have to say about Public Hospital District Number 1 and Valley Medical Center's services and staff. Write to us in care of Kathryn Holland, Executive Assistant to the Board, PO Box 50010, Renton, WA 98058.

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