Nurse Technician Program

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At Valley Medical Center, we seek every opportunity to foster the growth of nursing students as they transition to practice. We believe in supplementing the education they receive from their academic programs and clinical rotations by providing the opportunity to build their skills as a Nurse Technician.

The purpose of our nurse technician program is:

  • To allow nursing students approaching their last year of nursing school the opportunity to gain more clinical experience in the nursing field through employment with their nursing technician credential achieved through the Washington State Department of Health
  • To supplement the nurse tech’s knowledge gained from nursing school with the critical thinking, clinical judgment, and overall clinical knowledge fostered as a result of working with a supervising RN
  • To help ease the nurse tech’s transition to nursing practice through building confidence as they navigate the nursing field
  • To build relationships with other clinical staff who can provide meaningful clinical feedback as they support the nurse technicians in their roles

Application Process
The nurse technician program will be open for applications twice a year. Application periods for the nurse tech program will be open during the following dates:

  • Summer hire: application period opens March-April 15, tentative hospital orientation in June
  • Winter hire: application period opens October-November 15, tentative hospital orientation in January

Candidates must possess/demonstrate the following in order to qualify for the VMC nurse tech program:

  • It is highly preferred that students are currently, or are entering, the last year of their nursing program with documented clinical skill competence by their nursing program coordinator
  • Must provide, through their nursing program, verification of enrollment in a WA-state commission-approved nursing program
  • Must be deemed “in good standing” by their nursing program
  • Must provide, through their nursing program, verification of nursing functions that the nursing technician applicant is authorized to perform

Nurse technician positions can be found by searching for “Nurse Technician” or “Nurse Tech” positions on the Careers page.

For questions regarding our VMC Nurse Technician Program, please contact Nurse Technician Program Coordinator, Shelly Caldejon, Professional Development Specialist at