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Lifestyle Medicine...

...improving health and wellness through behavior modification 

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Lifestyle Medicine is the practice of changing behaviors and modifying activity to improve your overall health and wellness.

Our Center integrates a team of specialists to help you on your journey toward optimal health. We believe in a proactive approach to aging. People have an unmatched potential to achieve when provided the right tools in a caring environment. We work with you to unlock that potential.

Whether you are coming to us because of an injury that needs physical therapy or looking for a welcoming place with state-of-the-art equipment to exercise, our team of experts will create a lasting partnership with you.

Our Registered Dietitian and Wellness Coaches work to help you age with grace. Becoming healthier in a safe environment, we promote the right types of nutrition and exercise specific to your bodies needs. Only here does a multi-discipline team of expert's partner with you to help you achieve the health and function you deserve. 

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Specialty Services Offered:




Prescriptive Excercise Programs

Learn more about the concierge wellness services programs and the classes we offer. 


  • Healthy Foundations
  • Lifestyle 365


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The Fitness Center...

...where Exercise is Medicine 

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Valley Lifestyle Medicine & Fitness Center is a medically based fitness facility applying evidence based practices to reduce risk factors and improve wellness. Our members benefit from state of the art technology, highly skilled and educated staff to provide real results. Our programs are designed to keep you engaged, motivated, and accountable.

With a team of degree and certified fitness professionals, we offer an integrated approach to your goals, including Functional Movement Screens, SMART Goal Setting and Biometric screening. 

Our Network of medical professionals, such as Physical Therapists and Dietitians, work to ensure that your exercise prescription ties in seamlessly with the care directed by your health care professional.



Fitness Center Equipment
  • State of the art technology: Your program is delivered through the TechnoGym Mywellness system. 
  • Our fitness facility uses Technogym equipment a market leader in the fitness and biomedical rehabilitation equipment industry. We have a full spectrum of their product line. Including traditional cardio and strength equipment and the Kinesis® system. Every Lifestyle 365 member receives a "Smart Key" that tracks your exercise, calories, and attendance. This key can direct your entire workout, prescribed by your wellness coach. Our TechnoGym wellness system allows you to access your account from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Other fitness tracking devices can be integrated with our wellness system to house all of your health and fitness information in one place.
  • The Aquatic Center features a 25 yard therapy pool, which holds water therapy group classes, lap swimming, and water walking. The center also contains 2 steam rooms one of which is Eucalyptus scented to promote respiratory health. The most popular component of the aquatic center is the therapy spa. Maintained at 99° degrees with powerful jets to help relieve muscle aches and pains. Relax your body in a fun safe environment.