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Valued Members:

Your lifestyle medicine team sincerely hopes that this message finds you well.  We want everyone to know that we miss you! The most rewarding part of our work with our members is being able to share time with you, as family, as you engage upon living your healthiest life.  Our daily interactions at the fitness centers have obviously been disrupted but we are thinking about you every day.

The COVID-19 outbreak has presented unimaginable challenges but within these challenges we have found opportunity.  Lifestyle Medicine at Valley Medical Center was imagined out of a community health need with the concept of physical activity, nutrition, and other lifestyle related behaviors needing the attention of trained, clinical professionals.  We have always believed that our greatest value to you, our members and clients, is in the knowledge and skills of our trained staff.  Access to our facilities should only be one of many tools used to deliver on the promise of health.  The unfortunate situation of having to limit access to our facilities has given us a new perspective on this and our staff has seized this opportunity.

Today, we are excited to inform you that we have spent the last two weeks refining and, in many ways, redefining our services.  We are now prepared more than ever to meet our clients wherever they may be in their “wellness ecosystem.”  We have built a network of tele-health style communications and programming for our Lifestyle365 members so that if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you.  We have immersed ourselves into the inner workings of the Technogym MyWellness app, giving us the ability to provide home/outdoor programming on a level few could match.  Our wellness team has found new ways to offer live group sessions that are free to all members as well as their family and friends. 

Thank you to everyone for their support during this difficult time.  Your Valley Lifestyle Medicine team will continue to be here for you during this very difficult time.



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Valley Lifestyle Medicine & Fitness Center is a medically-based fitness facility applying evidence-based practices to reduce risk factors and improve wellness. Valley Lifestyle Medicine promotes a healthy lifestyle, using a proactive approach to preventing injury, disease, and guiding our members to their goals.  



Woman stretchingDo you want to take control of your health and well-being? Join our exclusive program with the best value! For those of you just starting out and are looking for guidance or accountability, or who have medical concerns, consider our Lifestyle 365 program. Our highly skilled Exercise Specialists will create a plan to help meet your goals. 


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Attend a Prescriptive Exercise Information session! You can learn about the different levels of membership and discuss which program would be best for you. We also offer tours of the facility to help new members get acquainted with our newly remodeled space. View a list of upcoming sessions.

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