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Build a Workout that Works for You


Looking to get moving more, but not sure how to get started?

We're here to help you kick-start your health goals with a personalized, science-based exercise program.

Lifestyle365® was created to give you the tools to take control of your health and fitness. Our goal in offering Lifestyle365® is to build informed, strong, and healthy communities. 

What is Lifestyle365®?

Lifestyle365® is Valley Medical Center’s medical fitness program. It is a data driven program designed to help you build exercise into your life.

  • Medical grade fitness testing and outcomes review
  • Personalized goal setting focused on building commitment and improving health outcomes
  • Customized exercise prescription and progression
  • Coaching and guidance from qualified medical fitness professionals
  • State of the art fitness facilities with 24-hour access
  • Access to virtual exercise classes and training
  • A fitness community where people learn the foundations of exercise, health, and other lifestyle factors together

Prescriptive Exercise 

Our country is facing a growing chronic disease epidemic. We believe lifestyle and exercise can play a pivotal role in combatting this epidemic when prescribed and supported along the way. 

Exercise is Medicine: In the same way you would allow your doctor to prescribe you medication, allow our exercise specialists to prescribe the right types of exercise.

Long term Success: Getting you on track both physically and mentally is essential to long term success. Your exercise specialist may recommend meeting with a Lifestyle Medicine physical therapist or registered dietitian to support your care plan and goals. 

Strive Program

During this 16-week program, you will meet with an exercise specialist and other members of the Lifestyle Medicine team regularly. Throughout the 16 weeks, you and your exercise specialist will craft an exercise program that works for you. You'll also learn about goal setting and nutrition as part of the Strive Program. 

Thrive Program

Once the Strive Program is completed, many participants choose to continue with the Thrive Program, which offers continued access to our three Lifestyle Medicine facilities, as well as a monthly check-in with your exercise specialist.


How much does Lifestyle 365 cost? 
For a limited time, the Strive program is $150/month (an $89 savings from the regular price!) with a $99, one-time registration fee. Participants who continue with the Thrive program will continue to pay $150/month. 

Is the program covered by insurance?
We are not able to bill insurance directly for the program, but many insurance companies offer coverage for these services and can reimburse patients for the cost of the program. 

Real Health Outcomes

Program participants:

  • Experience an average of 14% increase in strength and 30% increase in endurance within 90 days
  • See improvement in blood pressure, cholesterol, metabolism, and overall quality of life
  • Gain real-time feedback on exercise effectiveness with heart-rate monitoring
  • Learn proper form during exercise
  • Grow confidence in the gym
  • Learn foundations of healthy nutrition


Our facilities use Technogym® equipment, a market leader in the fitness and biomedical rehabilitation equipment industry. We have a full spectrum of equipment including cardio and strength equipment and the Kinesis® system.

Every Lifestyle 365© participant receives a "Smart Key" that tracks your exercise, calories, and attendance. This key can direct your entire workout, prescribed by your wellness coach.

You can access your account from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Other fitness tracking devices can be integrated with our wellness system to house all of your health and fitness information in one place.


What our patients are saying:

"I had a health scare and rehab in 2023. As I was nearing the end of cardiac rehab, I researched various gyms and trainers to continue the improvements I had started toward a healthier life. LS365 has a similar cost as other gyms but adds personal customization of trainer checkins with medically based recommendations. When I had a setback, LS365 connected with my doctor to adjust my plan. This allowed me to stay improving safely. An outside trainer would not have that benefit. I also recommend them because they listen and support effort, not going for a specific number. I plan on keeping it going with them by my side." - K.K. 

"I joined Lifestyle 365 six months ago. This program has definitely changed my life for the better. I have lost and still am losing . I was 220 lbs on my home scale when I joined the program. My goal is 160 lbs and I’m well on my way. I love being accountable to my fitness trainer, Zac. At our meetings we talk about my workout goals and the next steps of my weight loss journey. I love meeting with Alexis, my nutrition coach. I make myself accountable for eating healthy foods and snacks. Since I have a sweet tooth, we talk about substitutions. This program is changing my life. My bad cholesterol is going down, my blood pressure is under control, I rest better at night, I don’t get sleepy during the day, and I am ALERT all day. My family definitely sees the change in my weight, mood and overall health. I can wear clothes I haven’t been able wear for some years now. I am so happy my husband decided to join three months ago. He is making progress too. My husband and I are proof that exercise programs, like LS365, controls our weight, combats health conditions, improves our overall moods, gives us lots of energy, and promotes better sleep. I have been telling everyone I know to come and join the program." - R.C.B 

“The Lifestyle 365 Program really works - and I am proof of that! I am not a gym enthusiast by any means, but this program is not simply about working out. The LS365 program takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, which, as it turns out, is what I was looking for! I wanted a way to get and stay healthy, so I decided to join the gym just downstairs of the clinic where I work. As I mentioned, I am never super excited about exercising, so I thought having a coach would help support me and keep me on track. Not only does my coach guide me by creating gym workouts tailored just for me, but Zac checks in on me to make sure that my emotional and mental well-being are addressed as well. My mindset has been changed to where I now understand that being healthy is not just about the number on a weighing machine, but what's going on inside my body and my mind as well. The LS365 program helps to make me healthy as a whole, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a long-term lifestyle change.” - B.P.

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