Our Spiritual Care Team

We support an atmosphere of openness and respect for the emotional and spiritual well-being of our patients, families and staff members.

The team in Spiritual Care Services recognizes that the many different traditions, faiths, and spiritualities—whether religious or secular—are an important part of each individual's care and well-being. Our warm, supportive and non-judgmental care is available to every patient.

Our Spiritual Care Services team can arrange for companionship, counsel, prayer or sacraments. We provide patients and families with skilled counsel during what may be a challenging time. We can also help put you in contact with your pastor, faith community, spiritual or secular support network. We also facilitate visits from support groups in the community. Working in partnership with VMC's healthcare providers, Spiritual Care Services ensures that patients have the emotional and spiritual support they desire when they need it--in accordance with the patient's expressed desires for care. We also partner with community resources to provide a greater level of comfort, strength, and solace to those directly or indirectly affected by illness or injury.

Our Code of Ethics guides us in offering compassionate support. We will never preach or prophesize on a topic religious, spiritual, humanist or secular. We offer warm, open-hearted welcome to our patients and families. 

Spiritual Care Rounds
Volunteer Chaplains and Volunteer Clergy, circulate throughout the main hospital to offer support, companionship and counsel.

GetWell Network

Information about Spiritual Care Services is also available on the GetWellNetwork (GWN), VMC's interactive system, accessible via TVs in all patient rooms. Simply use the wireless keyboard or mouse to surf to My Stay and click Spiritual Care Services to review a full menu of events, news, healing videos and other resources available at Valley Medical Center.

GWN is a wonderful resource. Make use of it during your stay. Ask your physician a question. Review your medication and post-operative treatment instructions. Contact your nurse or quickly alert your care staff if your comfort level decreases. You can even stay in touch with the outside world by surfing the Web, or logging into a hosted email service.

Quiet Places

A place to simply “be”, for quiet and reflection, can be healthy. There are a number of designated tranquil areas at Valley Medical Center, open 24/7.