The team in Spiritual Care Services recognizes that the many different traditions, faiths, and spiritualities—whether religious or secular—are an important part of each individual's care and well-being.  Our warm, supportive and non-judgmental care is available to every patient.

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Available Services

Our Spiritual Care Services team can arrange for companionship, counsel, prayer or sacraments. We also facilitate visits from support groups in the community.

New Patient Information

Just a little bit of pre-planning helps make your stay more comfortable. Review our list of tips.  

Quiet Places

A place to simply “be”, for quiet and reflection, can be healthy. There are a number of designated tranquil areas at Valley Medical Center, open 24/7.

Grief Support Resources

Experiencing loss is a part of our human condition, but healing from loss need not be done alone. Spiritual Care Services provides information about group support for issues around grief and loss.

Resources for Cancer Patients & Families

Illness or injury challenges us. Instinctively, we search for meaning or purpose. There are many community resources we can put at your disposal to help you through a difficult time. 

Volunteers Who Make Your Day

Our Volunteers In Action (VIA) offer information and assistance, and play a treasured role in the compassionate support you receive here at VMC.  


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